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Where do I get questions answered?

First, look through the following frequently asked questions for the answer.
For all other questions,  send email to:

Shipping and handling charges

This will be added automatically to orders using the shopping cart. Continue to checkout and enter your address to see the amount before completing the transaction.
For amounts to enclose by check or money-order, see:  Shipping and Handling Fee Charts
 You can also  email   for a quote; be sure to include your order form information including what items and quantity that you wish to order, and your shipping address.


When you complete the ordering process using our shopping cart, an Order-Confirmation email will be sent to you.  (with SUBJECT: "Receipt for your payment to Rich").  When you place orders by mail or by phone, keep a copy of the order form for your records.  If you have completed payment to us for this order, your order will be processed.  When your shipment arrives,  there will be a Packing-List/Receipt in, or attached to, the box.  

Scheduling and Availability

To check the availability or check the estimated shipping schedule of any items, please use the email to
Also see:  Live Plant Availability and Shipping Schedules

Order tracking

To check on an existing order, check the estimated shipping schedule, get shipper tracking numbers, etc. send email to:

Care and Planting instructions

We will sometime include care and planting instructions along with an order for certain items.  If you need this, it is also a good idea to explicitly request it with your order, to be sure that it will be included. Unique conditions? for special care, growing, propagation, etc. questions, send email to:

Looking for...

If you are looking for an item that you can not find in the catalog,  please email to:

More information about a catalog item

If you would like more information about an item that you see in the catalog,  please email to:

Shopping Cart Problems

If you are having a problem with the shopping cart functioning, usually it is something simple like:  Your cookies need to be enabled,  Pop-ups need to be unblocked, etc. or a temporary problem, try again in a few minutes. (But it is also simple to order from us through the mail, see: Ordering Instructions)   For more information about the Shopping Cart, see: Shopping Cart Help

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Do you have a variety that I can't find in the online catalog?
Often times the variety that you seek may be listed under a different name; and not all plant and seed varieties are listed in every possible category that they could fall under.  Check for different / alternate names for it.  Also check the  Comprehensive Alphabetical Seed & Plant List   If you still don't see it, email to   to check our miscellaneous, odd, and small stock items.

Are the varieties Heirlooms?    Are the products Organic?
We are very serious about healthy and sustainable agricultural production. We and most of our growers are in fact what you may say are extreme in our efforts in comparison to many in the market-place.  We were growing organic vegetable and herb plants for many years before the USDA began to define the term, and now all that we can use the word to say is that our definition was more stringent.  We sell heirloom seeds that are carefully protected from GMOs. We do not sell any GMOs.
We have some growers who are careful and conscientious who are not in any certification program. We do also handle some new hybrid seed varieties that have limited, or sometimes no supply of untreated seed.  Please specify with a separate email after placing your order if you would like only untreated seed; (this may affect the delivery time or availability of some new hybrid corns and other).  Please specify with a separate email after placing your order if you would like only varieties that are considered Heirloom; we will double check your order and suggest possible substitutions if you request this.

Printed Catalog

Can I get a printed seed and plant catalog?
We strive to be able to provide the most extensive selection of heirloom and antique varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and trees.  We have our most comprehensive product catalog published on this web site.  We are constantly updating this to reflect changes in availability.  With a printed hardcopy of our catalog, this would not be possible.  So for the most complete and up-to-date catalog,  GoTo Seeds & Plants   This will always be the best place to select seeds and plants when you have access to this communications channel.  We consider it wasteful to print and distribute hardcopy of this quantity of information each year, but we also recognize that many people may not have ready access to this means, and others may also be preparing for future possibilities of less communications access.  As for preparing for changes, all that you need to do is place an order now on this web site; we do take orders by mail, and keep our address when you receive your product and receipt.  
We occasionally print and mail partial lists and product information to our customers.  If you would like to be included in these mailings, send your name and postal mailing address to
You can also sign up for our email Newsletter here:

email Help & About our email filters

Our email filters
We process large volumes of email.  Carefully read the rules and suggestions below.
Our Email Response
Our response time to your email will vary based on our seasonal business volume, staff availability, email traffic, etc.  For fastest response, make sure that your question is addressed to the correct department, (read above questions for correct email addresses).  If you do not receive a response to your email within 3 business days, try sending it again; also state that you are repeating the message (Do Not send the exact same message).  If your email address is hard to spell or nonintuitive and was given to us by phone, send an email to us so that we can see the address.  Messages may be answered in batches by the third shift or weekend overtime.  Our manpower is limited and we may be very busy at times.   During our busiest seasons, we have found that if the inquiries to the shipping department are causing much of our time to be spent researching the ship dates on orders, it can slow the shipping time of orders in the queue: a perfect demonstration of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.  When we see this effect, our priority will be to get orders packed and shipped before answering email.  Also, during our busy times, email questions that have already been answered on the web site pages, may not receive an answer. If you are expecting an email from us that we have explicitly promised to send within a specified time, you should review the 'Email System Issues' below, and firstly send an email to us in case we have your address wrong.  If you are looking for an email otherwise, you must consider both the system issues below, or that we may be busy.
Requests for More Details
We receive emails asking us to provide more specific information such as for more detailed product information or for more specific estimates for the timing of future events.  We try to answer all emails but if we can not be more specific, we may not answer.  This class of query is processed last.  Please do not send these queries more than once.
Include in your Email
Please state your name in each message, and be concise.  Include a copy of the on-going message string.  If you have an order in-house with us already, be sure to use the same buyer's name and the same email address from which your PayPal payment was sent, or that you put on the order form. 
Do not send
Do not send pictures unless we have requested these.  Attachments will not be read, send your message in text.  If your emails have advertising attached, it will probably be treated as spam and unread.  Scripts, graphics, animations, attachments, etc. may interfere with our ability to receive your email.  If you have sent the exact same message more than once, or if you have sent multiple messages in a very short period of time, your mail may be blocked by our system. If you realize that this may have happened, you will need to use the postal service to contact us.
Email System Issues
If your email bounced back as undeliverable, it is most likely that you have misspelled our email address.  It may bounce back also when various internet connections are down, which usually will be for very short periods; try again in a few minutes.  Our response may not be reaching you if the return address on your email server is incorrect or if your spam filters are interfering.  We do not necessarily respond from the same email address to which you sent the question.  Also, we do not register in security systems, or send separate messages to security or spam filter systems.  If you have checked the above items and have reset your system, send another email to us telling us so.  Critical information can not be deemed delivered  until we have acknowledged the specific message.
If you are still having trouble, please use the Postal service.

Minimum Order

Is there a minimum size order?
No. (You can order from $0 to $50.00 and still only pay the minimum Shipping and Handling amount. See: shipping and handling chart)

Back Orders

Will you back order items if I can't get them immediately?
Some seeds and plants are on a season availability schedule. We encourage our customers to order early. Many items have limited availability each season.
If there is one, or a few items that are not ready to ship, on a larger order, we will ship immediately what we can and back-order the rest. When shipping was quoted for whole order, there is no additional shipping charge on items that were delayed.  If you do not want to receive a partial shipment, please specify this in special instructions on your order form or send an email to us immediately upon checkout.  Items will remain on back-order and will ship as soon as possible.  To make changes to an order such as cancel a back-order or request a substitution, please send email straight to     Send all back-order schedule queries to:

Live Plant Availability and Shipping Schedules

Does Plant availability change?
We sell our live plants to those who place their orders earliest.  The schedules for delivery are developed from our production plans for the season and your early orders, and are later affected by our best predictions for all necessary conditions to ship the live plants.  Delivery schedules are also based on weather conditions from shipping point to destination;  and based on special instructions that you may provide.  We can not guarantee delivery before or on a specific date.  If necessary, please specify a date before which you would not want to receive the plant, in special instructions or send an email to us immediately upon checkout, and we will let you know if there is a problem.  If we are experiencing a problem with a lot of plants or a seed lot, the customers who ordered early will receive priority on future lots to be shipped.  This can mean that shipping schedules will change, and that it is possible that some orders may be shipped by different methods as the weather may require and such orders will be filled as soon as possible or you can request a substitution or refund.  For the current estimated shipment date of your order, send email to: 

Shipping Address Changes

Please be sure that the shipping address that you provide is correct.  If PayPal has a former or outdated address for you, this should be corrected before using our shopping cart.  If you must ship to an alternate address, this must be approved by before your order is placed.  (If address change is not critical and you could receive the shipment at the address provided to PayPal, we suggest placing your order first, then request the address change approval for faster service.  During our busiest seasons we may not be able to process address change requests.)


Upon completion of the shopping cart ordering process, you will receive an itemized receipt by email.  For orders by mail, we prefer to see our   Order Form   If you are placing your order by email, please use the order form to be prepared with the information that we require.  Your product will arrive with a Packing List / Receipt which will  list each item that is in the shipment  as well as shipping and handling charges and total charges.  Please be sure that you have found all items that were in the box and attached to outside of the box before disposing of any packing material.   If you require any further documentation, please request this before placing your order.

Growing in my area

For care and planting instructions that may be special to your conditions, and growing, propagation, etc. questions, send email to:
For nuisance and invasive species questions, contact your neighbors and check your library for local regulation.

Shipping across borders

We limit certain shipments of specific items to specific localities based on our experience and knowledge of problems with these.  This may affect availability of our catalog item to you, or may affect your delivery schedule.  We will inform you of these as necessary.  Generally, we ship our seeds worldwide (see: Countries who order seeds), we ship our plants within 50 states of USA.  You are responsible for checking local regulation and paying all taxes, duties, etc. on shipments.  For other, unknown risks, we have shippers willing to insure delivery.  This is sometimes an option, however, usually increases costs.  Check with   for shipment insurance options.

Other questions

For all other questions,  send email to:

Thank you.  We appreciate your business!


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