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GARLIC    Bulbs and Dried Herb

(Plant heights are given at maturity)
Allium sativum garlic plant bulbs

The use of garlic for medicinal and culinary purposes is nearly as old a civilization.  Easy to grow and nearly carefree, it thrives in almost any soil, but is especially fond of rich, deeply cultivated soil.

There are almost as many varieties of garlic as geographic locations, but these are all placed in two basic categories:  hardneck and softneckHardneck garlic has a stiff central woody stem and peels easily.  The flavor is usually fairly mild and the cloves store for 6-8 months.  These are the best types for cooler climates as they tend to be more cold hardy than softneck varietiesSoftneck, or braiding garlics do not produce a flower spike and are more productive than the hardneck types.  They tend to have a stronger flavor and keep far longer (up to a year).

Garlic can be planted in both spring and autumn, but it tends to produce better and earlier if planted in the fall.


 White German - White bulbs have tight wrappers and have a moderately spicy taste.  A good choice for storage.  Average 6-8 bulbs per pound with 7-10 cloves per bulb.
#1087F   1 pound Bulk Bulbs  $19.70
#B5-1087   5 pounds Bulk Bulbs  $73.50
#B10-1087   10 pounds Bulk Bulbs  $99.50
#P30-1087   Bundle of approximately 30 live plant plugs    $ 4.95

Chesnok Red - This variety from Georgia (the country, not the US state) has maroon striped skins and a medium hot flavor that remains after baking.   Average 6-8 bulbs per pound with 9-11 cloves per bulb.  (C. Red is shipped in Fall only)
#1086F   1 pound Bulk Bulbs $34.95

Live Garlic Plant Plugs White German Hardneck


Late Italian - One of the most popular for braiding and for winter keeping (stores up to 9 months after harvest).  Average 5-6 bulbs per pound with 18-22 cloves per bulb. (Late Italian is shipped in Fall only) 
#1088F   1 pound  $34.95
#B5-1088    5 pounds   $145.00

Inchelium Red - Mild flavored garlic bakes well and stores for up to 9 months after harvest.  Average 6-8 bulbs per pound with 9-18 cloves per bulb.  (Inchelium Red is shipped in Fall only)
#1089F   1 pound  $39.30

Extra large garlic closely related to leeks, has a mild flavor and softball-sized bulbs.  Plants can reach 4-5ft. in height.  Average 1-2 bulbs per pound with 5-7 cloves per bulb.
#1090F    1 pound   $34.95

#B1lb-1087F    Garlic flakes     1lb  $38.00
#B1lb-1087GR      Garlic, granulated   1lb     $38.00
#B1lb-1087G       Garlic powder     1lb       $38.00
#B1lb-1087SB     Garlic salt           1lb      $37.00


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