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Evening Primrose or Sundrop
(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Oenotheras are a large group of annual, perennial, and biennial herbaceous plants, natives of North and South America, belonging to the Onagraceae family.  The plants thrive in ordinary garden soil and many are suitable for a wild or cottage garden.  The Evening primroses are night bloomers while the Sundrops are daytime blooming.  Both are great attractors of bees, butterflies, humming birds and moths. 

All are easily propagated by seed or division.  For transplants from seed, sow seed in flats or pots in prepared soil or seed starter mix, covering to 1/2" deep.  Keep moist at 55-60F until germination.  Transplant seedlings when they are 2" tall in to larger containers or outdoors if all danger of frost has passed.  Space seedlings 18-36" apart (varieties that are taller at maturity should be planted further apart).  To plant seeds directly into the garden, prepare the soil in the area to be planted so that it is fine.  Sow seed in rows, 18-36" apart, sowing 1 seed every 6".  When seedlings emerge, thin plants to 18-36" apart. Seeds can also be broadcast in a prepared area, then raked lightly into the soil for wild gardens.

Common Evening Primrose
- Oenothera biennis - Biennial, reseeds freely; 4-6ft. tall stems with 6-8in. long narrow leaves and bright yellow 3in. flowers. Both leaves and flowers are edible and the roots have been used to treat skin ailments, asthma and migraines.  The night blooming plants are excellent attractors of hummingbird moths.   Full sun or partial shade; height: 4-6ft.

#132  Packet, $3.50 each,  Approximately 100 seeds
#Bz-132   Bulk seed   1oz  $6.59
#B4z-132   Bulk seed   4oz  $11.17
#B1-132   Bulk seed   1 lb  $26.00

Glowing Magenta Oenothera
        kunthiana  Glowing Magenta - Oenothera kunthiana - Perennial - Blooms first year from seed.  Compact mounding type with deep pink blooms.  Not as hardy as many other Oenotheras.  Full sun or partial shade; height: 10in.  Hardy to 0F (17.8C)
#3628  Packet, $3.50 each,  Approximately 100 seeds

Missouri Primrose - Oenothera missouriensis - Perennial;  Native wildflower from Texas to Missouri with bright lemon yellow cup shaped blooms that remain for several days.  Magnificent in a mass planting and an excellent border plant.  Evening blooming.  Prefers a well drained soil.  Full sun; height: 6-14in.
#1283  Packet $4.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#Bz-1283   Bulk seed   1oz  $16.59
#B4z-1283   Bulk seed   4oz  $39.99
#B1-1283   Bulk seed   1 lb  $106.59

Showy Primrose Oenothera
        speciosa  Showy Primrose - Oenothera speciosa - Perennial; Hardy native of the southeastern US with 4-petaled baby pink blooms with a white center.  Flowers open in the morning and last 1 day.  Lovely in mass plantings. Blooms second year from seed.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C).  Full sun; height: 16in.
#2446  Packet $4.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#Bz-2446   Bulk seed   1oz  $17.79
#B4z-2446   Bulk seed   4oz  $41.89
#B1-2446   Bulk seed   1 lb  $123.50

Sunset Boulevard Oenothera
        versicolor  Sunset Boulevard - Oenothera versicolor- Perennial; Striking blooms are orange-red when fully open; faded blooms are red.- the combination is gorgeous.  Plant with Missouri primrose for a breathtaking show.  Hardy to 0F (-17.C). Full sun; height: 24in.
#1417  Packet, $4.50 each,  Approximately 100 seeds

White evening primrose
        Oenothera pallida  White Evening Primrose - Oenothera pallida - Perennial;  Large white flowers are borne on quick-blooming plants with grey-green foliage.  Good border plant.  Full sun or partial shade;  height: 15-20in.  Hardy to -15F (-26.1C)
#360  Packet, $3.50 each,  Approximately 100 seeds

  Yella Fella - Oenothera pilodella - Perennial;  Bright orange buds open to reveal large brilliant yellow blooms.  Leaves turn red in the fall.  Real show stopper for borders, planters or beds   Full sun or partial shade;  height: 16in.  Hardy to -30F (34.4C)
#12573  Packet, $4.50 each,  Approximately 100 seeds


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