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  ostrya virginiana american hop hornbeam tree seed  ostrya virginiana american hop hornbeam form seed tree  American Hop Hornbeam (Ironwood) -  Ostrya virginiana

Ostrya virginiana is a hardy deciduous medium-sized native North American tree, member of the Betulaceae family  In nature, the trees are understory growth under taller trees in forests.  They make excellent street or forest tree as they are attractive and long lived medium sized trees.  Fall color is yellow to brown and pretty, but not expecially noteworthy.

Ostryas are naturally rounded in form with ovate leaves marked with prominent veins and deeply toothed margins.  Flowers are small and produced in slender catkins in late spring.  Male blooms are pendulous 2-3 inched in length and female blooms are also in catkins.  The trees bear small fruits which are hard like a nut enclosed in a skin and they resemble the fruit of the hops plant.  Both male and female blooms are found on the same tree.

Trees are best propagated by sowing seed sown as soon as it is ripe.  Saved seed can be sown in in the fall and allowed to naturally stratify, or can be sown using artificial stratification.    Seeds should be warm stratified   (See WARM STRATIFICATION for this process)   for 30 days, then cold stratified (See COLD STRATIFICATION for more information on this process) for 120 days for best germination.  The trees are fairly slow growing can be kept potted for several years before planting out.  Ostryas are forgiving and adapt well to most soil conditions except extremely damp soil.

Medicinally, the bark of the trees has been used to treat toothache and sore muscles and has also been used to treat arthritis and rheumatism.  The wood is extremely hard and is used for handles and posts.  Not a commercially used lumber tree due to its slow growth.

Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 35ft   Spread: 30ft

#2073    Packet  $15.00   Approximately 100 seeds
#Bz-2073    Bulk seed 1oz  $25.50   Approximately 2562 seeds
#B4z-2073    Bulk seed 4oz  $48.50   Approximately 10250 seeds
#B1-2073    Bulk seed 1lb  $65.50   Approximately 41000 seeds


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