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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

purple perilla plant leaves Culinary perennial
Perilla frutescens Purple Zi su zi plants seeds
Purple Perilla (AkashishoZi-su-zi)- Pereilla frutescens - Perennial - Culinary - Lovely purple cinnamon scented foliage used to flavor fish, tempura, and umeboshi pickles. Full sun; plant height: 24-36in.
#186  Packet  $3.50     Approximately 50 seeds
#P186A      Plant  $10.95

Shiso Perilla frutescens  Shiso - Perilla frutescens - Annual (self seeding) - Pretty ornamental plant that doubles as flavoring.  Full sun; plant height: 18-24in.
#3968  Packet  $3.50     Approximately 50 seeds


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