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Portulaca oleraceaLittle Hogweed, Pigweed, Pussley, akulikuli-kula, Common Purslane, Duckweed, Wild Portulaca

Commonly known as a nuisance weed, purslane makes its home over most of the globe, growing in sunny areas. It has been used for hundreds of years as both a vegetable and a medicinal plant.  Purslane contains high quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids and protein as well as flavanoids

The plant is easily grown in any ordinary soil in a sunny location.  Seeds should be direct sown in spring when all danger of frost has passed.  Sow in rows 10-12 inches apart and cover lightly.  Once the seedlings appear, cultivate to keep weeds down (in your weeds).  Little else is necessary. 

Harvest the leaves and use them as salad greens when the plants reach about 3 inches in height.

Medicinally, the leaves have been used to treat for internal parasites, Eczema, and for inflammations.

Golden Purslane  Golden (50 days)  This refined version of wild purslane has larger leaves and is not invasive.  Will grow back after repeated pickings.
#592  Packet  $3.50     Approximately 100 seeds


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