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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Grafting is a time-honored method of propagation that involves inserting a piece of one plant into another in such a way that the two parts become one and a new tree or plant is created.  Grafting can also be used to repair and to strengthen injured or weak trees, to introduce male or female flowers onto a plant, or to create plants that consist of several different varieties.
    For a graft to succeed, most often, one can only use plants that are botanically related, but sometimes it is possible (and preferable) to introduce a plant of one genera to another, such as in the case of pears on quince rootstock.  Several different methods are used and are not as complicated as one might think.
    Our rootstocks are either certified virus indexed (CVI) or VT virus tested (except for apple and pear seedling rootstocks, which are considered inherently free of seed transmitted dieases), and are chosen for their strength and vitality.  Minimum quantity order for rootstocks is 100 per variety and must be purchased in multiples listed.
    Contact us at to inquire about volume pricing for large orders.


BUD 118 - Semi-dwarfing rootstock producing a tree that is approximately 70-75% that of seedling.  Good choice for dry sandy soils.  Reisitant to collar rot and apple scab and extremely winter hardy.
#P100-2759  100 pieces  $ 130.00

BUD 9 - Dwarf rootstock that produces a tree about 40% the size of seedling.  Promotes early fruiting and is very resistant to collar rot, powdery mildewVery hardy.
#P100-2760  100 pieces     3/16in.     $ 228.00

EMLA 7 -  CVI - Best choice for hardiness with a lower incidence of viral disease and tendency to sucker.  Produces a tree about 60% the size of standard.
#P100-1447  100 pieces      1/8in.    $ 195.00

EMLA 9  -  CVI - Early cropping with collar rot resistance.  Best on heavy soils. Produces a tree about 40% the size of standard.
#P100-1448  100 pieces  $ 218.00

EMLA 26  -  CVI - Produces a more virus resistant tree than the old M26 rootstock with the same size.  Produces a tree about 50% the size of standard.
#P100-1449  100 pieces      1/8in.    $ 218.00

EMLA 106 - CVI - Heavy cropping stock with resistance to aphidsFree of suckers.  Not a good variety for heavy soils.  Produces a tree about 70% the size of standard.
#P100-1450  100 pieces      1/8in.    $ 195.00

EMLA 111 -  CVI - Produces vigorous trees performing well on dry, light soils, but will adapt to heavier soils as well.  Good choice for spur type varieties.  Resistant to collar rot and aphids.  Produces a tree about 75% the size of standard.
#P100-1446  100 pieces     1/8in.     $ 195.00

GENEVA 11 - Produces a dwarf tree about 40% the size of seedling.
#P100-2761  100 pieces      3/16in.    $ 225.00

GENEVA 16 - CVI - Produces a dwarf tree about 25% of standard.  Not as vigorous as M9, but resistant to fire blight and scab.  Productive with good root system.
#P100-1451  100 pieces  $ 225.00


Antanovka (Antanovka apple)  Good winter hardy rootstock for commercial planting.  Resistant to collar rot.  Hardy to -40F (-40C)
#P100-2038  100 pieces  $ 160.00

Domestica  (Common domestic apple)  Good all-round rootstock, providing good compatibility, ease of grafting, and vigorous growth.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)
#P100-2037  100 pieces  $ 160.00


Mandshurica (Prunus armeniaca)  CVI - Very hardy seedling variety grown from Manchurian seed stock, which is known for its dependability.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)
#P100-1458  100 pieces  $ 225.00


Maheleb (Prunus maheleb)  CVI - Rootstock used for both sweet and sour cherries in colder, drier climates.  Will sometimes dwarf slightly.  (Sour cherries are nearly alway on Maheleb stock)  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)
#P100-1460  100 pieces  $ 184.00

Mazzard (Prunus avium)  CVI - Standard sweet cherry rootstock that makes a long lived tree.  Tolerant of wet soils, but not as hardy as Maheleb. Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)
#P100-1459  100 pieces  $ 184.00


Lovell  (Prunus persica 'Lovell')  CVI - Proven to be a dependable standard peach rootstock, this variety provides a long lived tree with disease resistance and hardiness.  Not resistant to nematodes. Hardy to -30F (-34.4C) LIMITED AVAILIBILITY
#P50-1461   50 pieces   1/8in.    $140.00
#P100-1461   100 pieces   1/8in.    $250.00
#1461   1 lb. seeds    $ 79.20

Montclair (Prunus persica 'Montclair')  CVI - A French introduction, Montclair can be used for peaches, plums, apricots and almonds.  Produces vigorous and hardy long-lived trees.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)
#P50-1468   50 pieces     1/8in.    $ 69.00
#P100-1468   100 pieces     1/8in.    $ 102.00


Bartlett (Pyrus communis 'Bartlett')   Good variety for use with European and Oriental pears.  Vigorous growth, but some susceptibility to fireblight and pear decline.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)
#P50-2480  50 pieces  $ 79.00
#P100-2480  100 pieces  $ 117.00

Callery (Pyrus calleryana)  Compatible with flowering and Oriental pears, this variety is resistant to fireblight and pear decline.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C)
#P50-1463  50 pieces  $ 69.00
#P100-1463  100 pieces  $ 120.00

Harbin (Pyrus ussuriensis)  Super hardy rootstock for oriental pears.  Some fireblight resistance.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)
#P50-1465  50 pieces  $ 84.00
#P100-1465  100 pieces  $ 128.00


American Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana)  Vigorous rootstock for American persimmon selections.  Best on fertile, well-drained soil.
#P50-938  50 pieces  $ 204.00
#P100-938  100 pieces  $ 308.00


Japanese (Prunus salincia)  VT -  True Japanese plum declared the 'hardiest plum on earth'.  Good for many popular varieties.
#P50-1469  50 pieces  $ 102.00
#P100-1469  100 pieces  $ 154.00

Myrobalan (Prunus cerasifera 'Myrobalan') CVI -  This is the most-used rootstock for European plums and is compatible with many varieties of cultivars.  Very adaptible to heavy soils.
#P100-1467  100 pieces  $ 107.00

St. Julien (Prunus insititia 'St. Julien')  CVI - (from St. Julien "A")  For peaches, apricots and plums offering little suckering and resistance to chlorosis and root gall.  Adapted to wet soils.   Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)
#P50-1468  50 pieces  $ 102.00
#P100-1468  100 pieces  $ 154.00


Provence Quince - CVI - This variety is used to produce heavy bearing dwarf pearsDisease and drought resistant, but not as hardy as trees produced on seedling rootstock.  Tolerant of alkaline soil.
#P100-2482  100 pieces  $ 218.00


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